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Thursday, June 11, 2015

• Hot or Not list •

Hello guuuuuuuys!!!! I'm here again. I'm not sure if I will active, but, at least, I feel good already. Recent two days I was in my bed whole days, so yeah, fun.
But today I haven't time for this, I'm preparing for tomorrow's birthday of my one and only sister Luda.  She will be 28.
I think tomorrow will be really a fun day, as we going to the nature with all sister's guests. Probably we will be nearby a river. I bring my camera, so I'll show you photos.

But now I want just to show my list of things that I like and don't. As always almost everything about fashion. It's just my opinion and taste. Tell me what do you like or not from this list.

 My hot list:
  • Let's start with only thing that not about fashion, it's about music. I'm talking about the new song of Miley Cyrus - Nightmare. Text of this song is so good. I understand and feel every word. It's really my favorite song of this month. You know I'm from those persons that have their favorite songs every months, not always one. So if you check out this song, if you haven't not heard this yes, maybe you will like it too.
  • I'm really inspired of Tumblr haha. I noticed there a lot of big cool metallic necklaces. They looks so good for summer style, really love it and going to order one of them, so they are on my hot list. ♥
  • Also I adore in summer sea style jewelries, like star fishes necklaces or seahorses earrings, I mean fake ones, not real. For me in't cute to wear dead animals.
  • And, yes, again about summer style. Also I love that here already are so many cute t-shirts with cool pics and quotes. In cold times of the year  I wear my favorite sweatshirts, it's so cool that I can to do it in summer too. I love this one with headphone-donuts.

My not list:
  • Okay, I don't know what name of these shirts, but for me they looks are horrible - too big and color looks old. Especially I don't like how it looks on arms.
  • Lace jumpsuits (or just pants) like this one is every shop ahhh.  Probably it's really fashionably this season and I don't understand something. For me it looks like a sleepwear.
  • Somebody like to wear fruits on the head? I don't. Maybe it's okay for kids, but not for adults. Although I were a kid, I'll give her to wear heart or bow (or something like this) pins. For me it's strange to wear an orange or apple on hair.
  • And the last and the worst one (for me) are pants like on this picture. They're short but wide... clowns wear these pants, at least, in Ukraine. I understand if they were just very wide, but they are short and usually have a fun print, so no, I don't like them.


  1. Nice selections

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  2. Haha this was a really cool list I don't like the idea of having a lave jumpsuit either maybe accents of lace but not fully lace for obvious reasons - everything will be showing lol

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Lovely post! <3

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  4. great post! very interesting! thank you for sharing :)

    Love Peace and Shimmer


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