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Sunday, May 17, 2015

What I use for my blog | BLOGGING

Hellooo! Hope you had as great time! I didn't feel good to write something yesterday, but now I feel nice, so I want share some my tips for blogging, while I have a time for this, as it's b-day of my today, so I'm a little bit busy.

I want to show you some stuffs that I use for my blog, hope it will be useful for someone. So let's go!

So, first thing is my laptop of course, I write only from it, I hate how looks posts that I write on my phone. Especially, I don't like that I can't change size of images and change style of words... at least, it's hard. If you have no idea how to write blog posts from your phone, just found app ''Blogger'' on android or iOS.

In any cases, I use my phone for writing new blog posts, but very rarely, when I haven't my laptop or it doesn't work and I want to write on the blog.
Also I use my phone to add photos to the blog from it. I can't to bring my camera everyday, as it's pretty hard... and strange, but I use my phone's camera often, probably a few times per a day. It haven't perfect quality of pictures, but they are pretty good. If it's not dark, when it works just amazing. So I recommend to have a phone with camera from about 8 mp with a focus for bloggers or to buy a little light camera. Probably a price will be the same.

I always use only one and only camera Sony a290 more than three years. Old lenses almost doesn't work, so I've bought new one, but the camera works perfect, hope it will be works a long time yet, as I already love this camera haha.

So, now I use new lenses Sony DT 1.8/50 SAM. You can to find the same one for Canon e.t.c. And, oh God, it works amazing! I love this lense, this one have to have very human that like to take photos. But it's had a little weakness - you can to take of objects that far away and it's hard to take photos in little room/place.

So sometime I use my standard lenses, as it haven't these two weakness, but honestly, it work not good already. 

And the last thing that ''saved my life'' is a tripod. It's great thing for bloggers and photo lovers. You can to take photos of you or just take photos of better quality, as a tripod doesn't move, as you hands, so photos look better with it. Great thing.

Aw, I forgot, don't forget to buy remote control for camera. It's one of the best things ever for me, as for a blogger.

I thought that I'll write more information about apps that I use for the blog, more some tips. But this post already is big and today is the special day, as I said before. I'll write about it more later! Wait from me more posts about blogging soon, I have a lot of ideas! Have a good and fun evening, friends!

I used for this post today's and old photos, all of them are mine.


  1. Super cool blog! Nice advise and tips!

    Emilie Berg

  2. These are very cool devices! The tripod and remote, for sure save bloggers' lives! One thing I noticed is that on your comments there is always Ann-Alina while here and on the phone it's Anna-Alina. Which one is the right one? I want to call you in the right way!

    1. Anna-Alina is right, but everyone says me just Alina, it's closer for me:)

  3. This was an awesome read!! Great idea for an article <3

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