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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Before summer | TO-DO LIST

I haven't any ideas for the blog in my head last a few days, so It's only one reason why I'm writing this late again. Before I start to writing a post today, I decided to check out new blog posts and videos and do you know what? It's really inspire. Sooo I and you already know what to do with this now - just go to be inspired by other people and not only people.

I decided to share with you my to-do list, things that I want to do before summer (OMG can everybody here to believe in that it's almost summer 2015?). I'm doing it for reason. Firstly, I don't want to forget something and be sad because of this after. Also it helps to organize plans.Secondly, maybe it will help somebody to do their to-do list.

  1. To decide what to do next with the university. I stop to study in the university a few months ago, but now I got a proposal from university, that I can to study in another kind of study, but first, I have to pass some exams. So yeah, it's the main question now.
  2. To get a tan. It's really better to have a tan on my skin for me. I already got a little tan, now I already don't have the color of winter, but I want to be darker, if I want look good in light summer clothes. I need to be more under sun, also I'm searching good tan cream. I'e learned that it's the most safe and good way to get a tan.
  3. Also I have to have more fitness (again for looking good in summer clothes). I'm inspired to do this again and it really good. 
  4. To buy some new clothes for summer I need. I want a few cool t-shirts and light shoes... maybe something else.
  5. To celebrate my mother's b-day good. I think I have to surprise her, maybe to cook more, make a big cleaning and something else, I don't know.
  6. But I have to find really a good present for her. It's really hard, as she likes almost nothing, so it will be hard, but I need to search something for her soon.
  7. I want to make my hair lighter again. I'm searching for Loreal Summer kiss (hope it's the right name). Everybody say that it really good, so I want to try it so muuuch.
  8. To take many new good photos for the blog. I'm going to do new photos for outfit-post tomorrow, but I'm almost sure that it will be bad weather for a few days, as today is rainy.
So it's my little to-do list! It's not big, as it only two weeks, so it's enough. I can to make a big one for the summer later!
Yesterday wait for me outfit-post, if it will be a good weather here, also I want to show the things that help me in blogging. See ya tomorrow! 


  1. There are some things here that are on my to do list hahaha x)

    I tried the loreal sun kissed last summer and loved it!!! :) easy to use, smells great and lightens your hair quite a bit!! :)

    Xoxo Jessy

    1. I don't know it's the same thing, as I tell about Loreal Sunkiss, hope it's good too!

  2. It's better when we keep out to do list short. So we can be really focused on our goals!xx
    Bonjourchiara Facebook Page

    1. Yep, I agree with you, so it's even good.

  3. Replies
    1. I love too and everyone say me that like this one, only my mom and grandmother hate it really bad haha, they say that it look awful everytime when I'm wearing this.

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  5. I haven't had any kind of tan since last year. I used to work outside a good bit, but now it's all inside.

  6. This was really fun and different to read! New follower right here! xx

    Hannah Rose

  7. I think it's not that big and it sounds good, especially the university and your mother's birthday. She will love if you surprise her and cook something! Also, the tan and new T-shirts sound good! I think you have very good plans for summer!

    1. Denise, it's not the plans for summer, it's so small and boring for summer, it's only for these last two weeks of spring.

  8. Nice post, thanks for sharing!

  9. You look so cute !


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