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Sunday, May 10, 2015


I want to write this post before I'll go to sleep, as I need wake up early tomorrow - I'll go to the village for one day. I just want already change the design of this blog, so I need new photos. Also I already a few days going to write a outfit-post and I think it's not a bad idea to spent whole day on the fresh air, so probably my wishes will be done after I'll back to the town tomorrow.

I'm really tired, it was super fan day with my family. It's cool sometimes to spend a day with the closest people. I already said tomorrow that it's birthday of my grandmother and it was really a good day. She is 74 or 75 this year. I tell this not because I'm bad granddaughter, just nobody knows a real year, when my grandmother was born (even my grand-grandmother), as it was the war when. 
Better think that it's 74th her yeah haha. In any ways, she is still very active and fun person. Also she knows about fashion more than all people I know, she has great taste in clothes. She is really person that I want to become in my 70s. 

I didn't much photos, but did a few ones. It's good ''selfie'' day. Hope tomorrow will be good for photos!  See you tomorrow if I'll back in the evening and will not so tired. Or I maybe I'll can to post earlier - I have the free internet for a few days on my phone (usually I just use a Wi-Fi, but it doesn't exist in the village aaahh).


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  4. happy birthday to your grandma..lovely blog you got..nice one

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  6. So beautiful makeup, always! And happy birthday to your grandmother again! I am sure she is great and that she knows a lot about fashion! Your pictures are always so sweet, you look so beautiful!

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