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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Winter is baaack!

Heeeey guys, sorry, I'm here again! I had some businesses to do and some problems, but now everything (almost) is done, so I will be active on the blog. I just didn't feel good recently, as I had some big changes in my life and I was stressed, so it's not good for my health, but today I feel that I'm almost okay.
I think I didn't tell about my life this month, so you don't know that on April 1th weather was funny, as always that day - it was really snowy, snow was everywhere, but it melted in two days, so we have spring here again, but it more cold, then it was recently.
By the way, yes, everything already is okay with that phone that I returned to the shop, I got already my money back, so everything is okay. I'm even happy that that all happened, as I love my new phone.
Also something interesting happened with me a few days ago - I met a real psychic. At first, I thought that it's a joke, but after that human started to say things that only I know, I was shocked, it's my first time, when I meet real human that can do things like this. She helped me so much, I just needed human as she is, she explained me things that I didn't understand, also she said about my future, so some my wishes have to come true really soon, I believe in it! So yeah, things that you need happening unexpectedly. Have a gooood evening!!!!!!!! I'm going to be active, see you soon!
When it's only started...

Easy cake by me.
My new mini Chanel and Lacoste parfumes.
Christmas mood is back too. Hello ''Home alone''!


  1. It's amazing how temperature changes, in such a short period of time! That cake looks delicious, by the way! So good that you solved the phone problem, congratulations! I used to love psychics :) In he past, I got to know some, and I must say, some were really good, some not :) As everything in life! I hope this one was and that you get everything you wish!

  2. it feel like spring over here in South Carolina, USA. I had to play the game of "dodge the bee" putting groceries in the house this morning.

  3. winter has just ended in my country!!! love the pictures!!!

    Have a lovely week
    Stay in touch

    P.s New post in my blog

  4. Wow amazing pictures! It felt like winter last week but spring finally started now!


  5. Beautiful pictures but I am so done with winter. Here in NYC spring has finally sprung.

    Love Vikee


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