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Friday, April 17, 2015

My Style A to Z

Okay, I'm not a fashion blogger, so I don't show my style everyday, as many bloggers do. And everytime when I like my outfit, I haven't time to take photos or it's ''bad photo day'', everyone has those day, right?
Any way, I want to tell more about my style today, as I found the fun blogpost idea about style. I have to describe my style from A to Z. Let's go!
A • Accessorize. I can't live with it! I always have to have a bag or hat e.t.c or I fell that my outfit is too simple.
 B • Boots. I loooove boots!!! Especially I love how it looks with shorts, skirts and dresses!!!
C • Cute. I really love cute things, they make my mood be better. If I see clothes that looks cute and girly, I want to buy this!
D • Dresses. Ahhhh... what can to look better on a girl? It's my favourite type of clothes. I feel pretty, when I wear them.
E • Elegance. I think elegance clothes look the best on me, but sometimes it's boring and I add interesting accessorizes.
F • Freedom. I love when I feel that I'm free when wear clothes. Uncomfortable clothes and shoes are not for me.
G • Girly. Of course, it's girly. I love jewelries, skirts, dresses and make up.
H • Hair. To me, my hair is one of my most important things in my style. I love loose hair. Also I like curls, but do them rarely.
I • Inexpensive. I really don't like expensive clothes, as I think it's stupid to buy a dress that costs 1 000 000$, like Kim Kardashian has and wore it only one time. It's only a dress, keep calm. I understand only when clothes costs less 1000$.
J • Jewelry. Especially I love earring and necklaces. Recently started to like rings.
K • Knits. What can to be better than pretty weather for winter. Also I like light knit sweaters that I can to wear even in summer.
O • Outfit shoots. Hmm... at least, I'll try to take them more!
 • Quotes. I love sweatshirts with fun or inspirational quotes. They are the best!
R • Rock chic. I love scules, studds, faux leather, black color... it's for me.
S • Skirts. They makes me feel more girly!
T • Tattoos. I think it's big part of my style knit sweater for winter. Also I like light knit sweaters that I can to wear even in summer.
L • Leather. But only faux leather. Love my leather jacket and leather pants are coolest.
M • Make up! Yay!
N • Nail polishes. Love them and it's a ryle. In the future I will have them more, love it so much.
U • Unicorns!!!
V • Vintage shop. It's my love!
W • White. I love how white color looks on me.
X • Xxxx... it's unreal. 
Y •  Youthful. Its hard too.
Z • Ahhh....let it be zippers. They are cool.


  1. Love you style! You look gorgeous!


  2. I love boots, accessories, makeup, dresses... the xxx is a bit unreal, but in the past I never used that, then I noticed that some people wrote that to me. It's maybe because writing Kisses sound a bit too extreme, and then XXX is a bit softer. I don't know :) I liked your list very much!

    1. Haha you probaby didn't understand about X, I meant that I didn't remember words about my style that started with X hah.

  3. You're stunning! Love your style x

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