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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inspirational saturday

I decided to write this before I'll go to the village tomorrow early in the morning. I'll be there only to the evening, so I'll write after than I'll back to the town. I'll promise new photos for the blog, as I'll bring my camera. It must be fun, as I will be there with my sister and niece this time.
But I wanted to say not this...

I've seen one quote that really inspired me. It woke me up. 
I had to start to ignore things, that I can't change and people that hate everything that moves and if it doesn't moves, than they move and hate it, you know haha. I understood this already. It's already a few days when I feel positive, even bad things still are happening (hope it the end of those not good situation). Now I want just to rest, I think yesterday's day in the village will be good for the rest. After that I want to focus on my goals.

So yeah, I wanted to say that I wish you all ignore bad things around and do things that you want. Believe in your all big and small wishes. We have to take risks sometimes! I think when we doing this, then everything in the world helps us to do whatever we want.
Hope that quote makes you to go to your goals/dreams. Have a fun sunny sunday! 


  1. Unfortunately it is like that, exactly. There's also a great quote: people love you for the way you are, and people hate you for the same reason too. It's good when we leave the ones who don't think good of us, in the way they are. Another quote is: do you want to be always right or happy? Lets leave people thinking what they want, and we are happy people. I loved your quote. We have just one life. We have to leave it to the fullest! Hope you have a very nice Sunday!

  2. This is perfect. I hope you're okay, hun :)

  3. Love love love



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