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Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to Stop Being Shy | TIPS

Hey guys! Today I just want to tell you about things that can to help to be not so shy. I just want to tell you about things that really helped me when I was younger and it makes my life better.
When I was a kid, I was super shy, I thought that this makes my life so much harder and I decided to stop being shy... at least, very shy as I was. So it's my tips that makes my life better:
1. Be funny. First step that I did is start to be funny person. I started to tell funny histories, to do some funny things. cheer up other. I even started to film funny videos with my older sister Luda. By the way, it's probably why I never afraid of cameras.
So It's helps to feel confident, as when you make other to smile, you're feel better and understand that you can be interesting to other and people like you, so don't fear them.
2. Start to film videos or take photos. As I said before, I've making video with my sister and also my parents have taking so much photos, when I was a kid.  I thinks it made me feel more free with people and confident. Also I want to recommend not to be shame to take photos when many people around.
Yes, sometimes people will smile because of this, but I think it's stupid, as everyone take photo, here is nothing special, so don't be afraid of taking photos.
3. Be interesting to other. Find a hobby - drawing, singing, dancing (or better something more unusual)... find something that you like and you do this good. When I was a kid I've drawing so much and I've doing it not bad, as for a kid, so many other kids like and learned them how to draw.
So If you will find something that you do better than other people around, you will be interesting for him and it will makes you feel more confident.
4. Start your own blog. Finding people on the internet that like things that you like can to make you feel not so lonely and you will understand that there are so many kind interesting people. It helps don't be afraid to talk with other and tell what you want. Just be yourself, in any case, on this big world are many people that will like that you like.
5. Go to talk with strangers. You can to go on special courses where are many people to talk about things you like or you just can go to the park with your dog and talk with people that has a dog (you will have theme about what to talk) e.t.c.
For example, I started to ask strangers different thing, that actually I knew, it can to be everything! This tip is really works, you have to try this!
6. Find your style. Find your own style of clothes. hair, make up (if you're a girl) that you like. Looking good makes feel more confident and makes to other think that you're interesting person.
7. Stop to think that you're bad person. Believe me you can to be interesting, clever, pretty and whatever you want, just really believe in it and do everything for this, after it people will think think this too, so never think about yourself something bad!!!



  1. I totally relate to this! I use to be pretty shy but once I found my style and started my blog, I started not to care so much about what other's thought and tried to be outgoing as possible. I still have my "shy" moments, but that's also part of who I am! :)

    Just Gigi // Fashion + Life

  2. This picture is so beautiful, you look so pretty! I didn't know that you were shy and I think your tips are very good! To talk with people, to start a blog, filming... I think it really works! Hope you have a very nice week!

  3. i definitely need to work on some of these, good tips!

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. Yes we should not be shy
    We should e confident in what we are

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin


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