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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Hot or Not LISTS

Hey! I have so many reasons why I blog bad recently, so many problems, I really don't have time for this and I din't have any ideas for posts, as I can't stop thinking about the problems that I have, but tomorrow in my country is Easter, so maybe soon will be okay, I already know what I want to post the next days, I just need to keep calm and start to do things I want, but today I want to share with you hot and not lists, I'll try to post again today!
Hot list: 
Florl snickers from Nike. OMG I think those floral snickers just perfect for spring. Really. What can to be more cuter than to wear them?! Love these pastel colors, I always associated spring with pastel colors.
Snapchat. I'm addicted of this app, I check out this really often. Love how it works. And I love things that nobody see how much you has followers or views. I think if facebook, instagram e.t.c. will works like this, it will be really good for the world. Everyone (almost) thinks too much about number of likes that they received. Add me there - annaalinablog.
 Long jacket. Maybe I even didn't add this to my hot list, but Kylie Jenner wear them often recently and they looks great on her. She mixed long jackets so good.
Not list:
Long denim skirt. I noticed that they are popular now, but for me they looks ugly, as I have association that these skirts wear only very poor people. I don't know about other country, but where I live people women wear these skirts in winter, in summer, always. But probably it because of my association and some women loves them.
The shirts on the collage. I know men wears sometimes shirts like this and it looks good on them, but this shirt is not good for women. Everyone can to wear what they want, but I think this stuff makes women look not very good.
The dress on the collage. OMG dresses like this one everywhere this spring haha and I know that not only don't like them.  They looks really strange.


  1. Well, it's not a dress. but looks like a denim skirt and I love everything denim! Hope that it's hot :) A lovely weekend for you!

  2. Those floral trainers look amazing! I need them :D

  3. those skirts do look a bit ugly


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