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Thursday, April 16, 2015


I write this post second time, I already have to going publish the post, but everything deleted. A little bit sad, but I'm sure that will write this post fast.
I decided some my problems, so I'm going to think (and do) more about (for) the blog. It's some my blogging goals:
To write more. I want to write at least one time for two days, but better if it will be 1-2 times per day. I want that reader of the blog will know that they always can to find new posts, they don't need to wait for this. It makes them to check out the blog more.
To gain 2000 followers on bloglovin in a few months. It will makes me happy and will give more motivation to be a better blogger. My bloglovin button above the post.
To start learning English again. I already don't do it, so I have to start. I'm going to watch American movies with subtitles, it's one of the best ways to learn English. Also I have to learn grammar and words that I don't know.
To write about recipes. I really don't do posts about food, as I'm really bad in it, but this thing I can to change, if I will learn to do this. I'm going to shock my family and start too cook. I'll start with something easy, as I'm really, really, really bad in it. You can't even image how. I don't want for ''perfect moment'' that even don't exist and to find already today a recipe and product for it.
To do make-up posts. I have big eyshadows palette of strange colors. I don't know where to use them, so I decided to make make-up posts with them. Why not? Many people says to me that like my make-up and I'm sure that I will become better in it, if start to these posts.
To do outfit posts more. I' going to this often at home everytime when will wear outfit that I like and to do these posts with my tripod in the village, as it warm outside. So any case I will try to make this often.
To write more about interesting news.
To write about things and people that inspires me. I want to give you more inspiration.
To start making different reviews. 


  1. Gaining more folloers is definitely mine too


  2. This post is so good and I agree! Plz check out my blog! Also what template is this????

    1. this is Simple template without a sidebar.

  3. I think your goals are really good! But just do what you feel good at, and that gives your pleasure. One thing I learn from blogging is that people like the contents, like makeup and recipes, for example, rather than 8 posts a week. But as I said, do what makes you happy, if 1 post a week, or 10, it must give you a smile!

  4. I got lazy on learning Japanese, but sometimes I watch movies/anime with Japanese audio

  5. I hope you meet all your goals! Your English is very good already, I'm sure you'll be great with it in not time at all.
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  6. Such a fun idea! Loving this post,
    xo Annie
    New England Romance

  7. i love all of your posts! you have such great topics and photos. i followed you on bloglovin love :)


  8. To gain more followers on bloglovin in a few months is my goals too, I read a lot about that and what people said is read more and comment more, but my blog is not going too well I think :( I feel stressed about it sometime, If I have more than 1000 follower like u do, I m happy enough!

    I am learning english too, so ur not alone :)

    keep going! hope we can support each other xx


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