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Saturday, April 25, 2015

After 5 weeks of healthy food

Hey guuuys! Today I have mood for a diary-post, I want to share with you some my thoughts and news.
So yeah, it's almost three days that I didn't write on the blog (again, ahhh:( ), I almost even don't use the internet, it has a reason.
All this month I feel good, I ate healthy food and didn't buy ''bad'' food in the shops, I almost haven't visited shop in April. I did it because of health, I wanted to feel more good. So yeah, I feel okay all these weeks and even lose a little bit weight. If I were not so lazy this month (I just had problems and I didn't want fitness and even walks, so I sat home a lot, as I was sad), maybe I will loose weight more. I walked a few days ago and went to the supermarket and bought some unhealthy food, so after that I feel still really bad. In any case, after the pills I feel better and even can to write this. Also after seafood I feel already better. Seafood is so good for us. I have to eat more, even if I don't like it too much.
 Something neeew.♥

 Really love my new Beats Lady Gaga headphones, pink cuties. The last one from Nike was uncomfortable, so I returned them back to the shop.
 Trees becoming green...and white, finally!!!
Surprise of the day - 5 cute chicken, they all was born only yesterday, so can to follow them, while they're tiny. It's strange, as we live in the flat. They are sleeping, so more photos later.
 This one can't sleep without my hand, I don't know what to do with him, haha.


  1. the little bag so cute!!!:)

  2. Your new headphones are so nice, pink! I know what it is, eating healthy or unhealthy food... when we eat healthy, we feel better, but unhealthy food is good for the soul :) You know, when we really "need" a;piece of chocolate cake! I hope you are feeling better soon, and no need for pills!

  3. Oh lovely ^^


  4. pretty pretty things!! xx

  5. Hi Anna, I followed you on bloglovin, I like ur blog.
    I think its good to avoid bad food for healthier reason, but as I read what u wrote, I think eating the bad and good food really affected ur mood, trust me, I had a diet disorder before, and pls don't feel too guilty if u eat something 'bad', I experienced that before... I pushed myself too hard and then I turned out eat more bad food than ever, this cycle for nearly a year...
    anyway, really like to meet u I hope u have a good day!
    I run a illustration, lifestyle blog :)
    Pls let me know if u like it<3

  6. Beautiful photos! The headphones are cute!
    I'm already following you on Bloglovin babe :)

    XO IMKE //


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