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Friday, March 6, 2015

Save Water And Drink Champagne

Hey world! What do you doing? When I wake up I felt horrible, I had a pain in my belly. Probably I ate something bad, but I already swallowed some pills and I'm trying to ignore a pain. I had a few plans for today, but I'm feeling weak for them now. So today I did my pilates routine, cleaning and watched the channel of  SprinkleofChatter. And yes, she has so a inspirational channel and blog.
Now I'm going to walk and buy some things that I need.
And it's so strange that I even don't want to buy some sweets for me. Recently I don't like a chocolate  especially. Now all sweets for me so sweet and I don't want eat it. Usually I can't live without chocolate, but now something changed.
So now I'll just finish cleaning, find my hamster, as he escaped from his house this night (it's sometimes happens, as he's so active at nights) and go to walk before evening, as this evening will be first episode of new season ''The bachelor''. It's my favorite TV show ever, so I'm so exсited and I waited for this so much! Probably you heard about this show, this show has many version in different countries.
I wanna to continue my sketchbook (smashbook?) that I found, love to do this.


  1. These are seriously such cute photos!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Hope you feel good again soon! I myself have back pain for days and I am on pills too. But the pills make me feel so sleepy! I know the Bachelor, I used to watch it a little in one country! I hope you find your hamster soon!

    1. Thanks! <3 Wish you feel better too! Actually ny hamster was back when I've finishing the post.

  3. Nice post

    New post in

  4. Are you watching the American Bachelor, with Chris Soules? If so, you're going to love this season!!! Your hamster is so cuute!

    Ree // Coffee with Ree

    1. Nope I watch Ukrainian version, but thank you for recommendation what to watch. I'll watch this when I'll have more free time for this.

  5. Cute hamster! :)

  6. you hamster is so cute



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