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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Perfect day

It were two another free-internet day, so it's reason why I didn't post anything. I just enjoyed by one of my favorite holidays - international women's day. It was really great, probably it was the best day this year yet. I celebrated this with my friends, we had a long walk with little adventures haha, later I had a great dinner with my family and the closest relatives, so it was really fuuun!
So many surprises from my closest people, I didn't wait for this, so I was shocked a little bit.
I want to share with you my photos that I did that day:

Suprise from my fried.

It's the gift from my mom - mascara, it made lashes look great,love it.

How it look on me (quick photo, sorry, I hadn't time):

Another present from my mom, I can't live without this with my long hair. I don't care that it's for kids, as I need it.

By the way I got also this beautiful green jeans from my sister.  They had so beautiful quality, I'll say what's the brand when I'll do outfit-post. It's I just did quick photo in the night.

Photos from my instagram:


  1. I love your pictures, it does seem like a beautiful day!

  2. I love to have internet free days, too! I am glad you enjoyed the holiday so much, the International Day is special to many people, of course! I loved your green jeans, it's a color I like very much! Also, the mascara and the kids shampoo, I also wear kids' shampoo - my latest is called Tantrum!

  3. Lovely photos, it was very gloomy by me on March 8 so didn't feel like a holiday. :( I really love those jeans though!

    Ree // Coffee with Ree

  4. I love that more and more women and men learn about International Women's Day every year!


  5. Great pictures and post x

  6. Great pictures!
    Thanks for sharing.

    Check my new post.
    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin

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