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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hot or Not: Chanel shopping basket

Hello! I'm writing this post right now from my phone, so it's a little bit unusual for me, but I just already in my bed and going to sleep, as it's late. I hope that I can to post this blogpost.
I had a pretty productive monday. I did almost everything that I wanted. "Almost" because I was sick recently, so I have many works now.
And yes, today I'm feeling almost okay and for tommorow have so maaaany plans. You'll see it later.
And now I want to talk about new Chanel bag. Yes, it's not usual Chanel bag, it's like a shopping basket. Looks really weird. Probably this bag for positive people that love shopping and also those people have to be rich, as it costs 14 000 $.
As for me this bag is just fun... And it's not comfortable, as the bag is transparent, so you can use this like real normal bag, only like accessories.

So, guys, what do you think about new Chanel bag? Someone like it?


  1. I've seen the baskets that fold away, but never something like this.

  2. It's seems just for fun..I would never carry that out!

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  3. It's a fun bag but not very practical. If you're rich and into quirky outfits than it's for you.

  4. It's fine but you can carry if you want

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  5. So good you are feeling better! Well, as for me... I think the same as you - the bag is funny, but not very practical... and so expensive to carry a supermarket bag around, with some chains and logo of Chanel!

  6. Not practical so it's a no for me.
    Great post

    Love Vikee

  7. It's not necessary. So not. It looks cute though.

    Jessica |

  8. Great you're feeling better dear, i was also ill and now im better i have alot to catch up on x
    Well first it's not practical as a bag as everything will fall out, at 14,000 I might aswell invest in an actual chanel bag 😊



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