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Thursday, March 19, 2015


Hey world! I feel really good recently, I just lost my blog inspiration, so I even haven't any idea to post, but it happens sometimes and it's always only for a few day. By the way, I just I wanted to say that I had a greeeeeeeeaaaat day. I haven't seen my good friend a few month - since August probably, so it was like a holiday to met her. We walked around our city and found so many cool places. I had to bring my camera, but I even forgot that it exist, I just enjoyed that walk. But only bad thing that the weather was really bad - so windy, a little bit cold and hard air. Also I noticed that almost people are angry. I think it's because of eclipse. I always wonder why people are so angry to people that they don't know. I think that life is too short for being angry, actually, it doesn't make nobody happy, so better to make somebody to smile and feel happy because of this too. I always was a person that love to give something to someone more, than to get it.
By the way, I know that somewhere are holiday day of St. Patrick. I don't know much information about this day, as here nobody celebrate this, but because of this holiday next four days and today in Jysk and my favorite supermarket had great sales, so I brought a new frame with a quote. It's really inspirational. From  tomorrow I'll be to wake up and see this quote on the wall of my room.
Also I bought this for my cactus. Looks interesting and bright, and I love that it's "broken", it makes to look the vase cool.

Also I bought many delicious food with pretty good price. And only today I decided to stop eat sweets for a time and today I eat chocolate with chocolate milk shake haha.
In any case, I felt today that the eclipse is coming (it will tomorrow), so tomorrow have to be a unusual day. Wish you feel good tomorrow, as many people feel not good because of eclipse!
I'll try tomorrow to make outfit-post and maybe something else!


  1. Apparently I won't see it tomorrow on my side of the world.

    1. Really? I thought everyone on this earth can to see it!

  2. It's really good to have a great day, meet a friend and to find good sales! I looooved the quote and it really tells me many things... I am always thinking of a place I left some months ago, and I guess that is where my heart is!

    1. Yes, I love this quote, but for me it's not only about a place. Hope you will come back there where your heart want.


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