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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Art morning

Hey guys! I started to write a post on the blog yesterday, but all electricity has been turned off in all the houses for a few minutes and I decided to go to sleep and better to write in the morning (okay it's already not a morning). Actually, I wanted to go to the party for kids in my niece's kindergarten, my niece Eva danced and sang, but I'm home and doing all my businesses and wait when my niece with parents will go home to here. So probably it will be a fun day. Everytime when she visit me, it's a fine day!
By the way I already bought different pencils and other for drawing. Recently I'm learning to draw and I love to do this. I feel like it's already more easy for me to drawing. Now I'm just waiting for Eva and we gonna to draw together today. I want to write a post again today, when Eva give me freedom haha. Probably we will walk, as it so sunny outside and warm, so it's good weather to walk. I have a idea for new blogpost, I'll see you all later!


  1. I hate when the power goes off :) And so nice that your nice is visiting you! I love children! As for the illustrations, wow, doing so well! No one could have said you recently started it! Well done, you have so much talent!

    1. I've drawing in childhood so much, but it was a long time ago, thanks!!

  2. These are really beautiful pictures! I love your drawings!

    XO Imke

    1. Aw I'm good in drawings and it's quick sketches, but I'm trying to be better. Thank you!

  3. lovely blog post :)

    would love to know your thoughts on my new post Jadiee'sLittleBlog



    Have a nice day


  4. lovely post :)

  5. Love this post its so creative so fabulous!
    xo, Victoria

  6. love the pictures!


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