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Sunday, February 8, 2015

The weekend with my niece

Hey girls, hey boys! As always I thought that I will write today earlier, but today I was busy so much. Now in the evening I cleaned the flat with my dad after my niece that was all this weekend here. I really have to clean a few hours after her, as she played with my hamster so much time and ate in my room different cookies, while she is watching cartoons.
Now I have a strange feeling, like I'm already missing her haha, she is noisy and fun, miss this. It's so boring without her, maybe next weekend she will visited me again, but this week she should going to the kindergarten.
I wanted to write today another post after that, but probably I will be going to sleep, as I slept only 3 hours in the morning. I just had a nightmare this night. About a killer-clown. But there was a happy end, so it's okay. Maybe it's because of coffee and scary stories are not a good ideas for evening lol.
I just got super cute socks from HERE . I love ice-creams print. Can't wait to start wearing them, when it will be warm. I'm already waiting for my favourite war weather. I'm so tired to wear a million tons of clothes everyday.
I really want the spring, even start to buy some spring/summer clothes. I heard that the spring will come soon. I'm sure in this, as this winter is not cold, as usually it is in Ukraine.


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