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Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Hey guys! I got my laptop back already yesterday, but I felt so sad to write something - yesterday died one great ukrainian singer. A car crash. So sad. Many people recalled him, sings him songs e.t.c. in the center of big cities in Ukraine (and mine). I haven't been there, as I've heard about that too late. It's really big tragedy for our country, as he was a legend.
In spite of this, yesterday I did everything what I wanted and even more.
My laptop after the rehab still works not good, worse, than was before, so probably today or tommroow I have to find another place where someone can to do this.
As I said I did my hair more pink, love it, as I was already tired of ombre. Everyone has ombre now haha.
Also my hamster feel good already after a few days of illness. I've worried about him so much.
Happily, I feel good too and I wasn't sick as I thought. I just ate something late (I can't eat late) and my belly hurted a little bit, but that's all right.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the car crash. They show that life is precious

  2. nice!
    follow to follow?

  3. Me encantan las fotos ♡♡♡ que maravilla. Un beso

  4. I stopped buying magazines too and just read online. I miss the hard copy tho so maybe I'll go back to buying. That donut is calling my name, :).


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