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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My little wishes and goals

Goals and wishes don't need a new month or even Monday, right? We don't need waiting for Monday to start something that we want or must to do, better to start earlier, then  we'll see result earlier too. I'm so inspired by great people, warm sunny winter this year, the start of new year and just by a life. Everything is in our hands, so let's change things for the better.
I want to share with you my little wishes and goals for everyday.
I want to learn how to draw good. I started to do this today, I'm inspired by fashion sketches on Instagram, so I wanted to create my own sketches. I know that sketches help to drawing better. Everything you need to do is just to draw many skatches everyday.
To treat my teeth and gums. I just need to visit a dentist to treat 2 of my teeth and I'm so scared, as I did this maybe 2 months ago and it so hurted, hate to do this. I can not bring myself to go there for a few weeks, I'm really afraid of this. Also I need to treat my gums EVERYDAY, as it reason why I can't put braces a long time (and it's reason why I have bad teeth and ashamed to smile). All my family have gums problem, so to treat them really hard.
To do Miley's Cyrus pilates workout everyday. I just need a body like Miley has haha.
To do arm workout everyday. I want good arms before time when we will wear t-shirts.
To walk EVERYDAY. We have a strange winter this year - pretty warm and without snow, so it's good time to walk with a friend or even alone.
To look more prettier. To do more face mascs/hair mascs, new manicures more often e.t.c. ... Sometime I really don't care how I look, then I have a bad mood, so we need to look good alway to feel better. Life is too short to look bad.
To learn the languages 2-4 times per a week.
To do pretty photos of different things.
To be more positive and believe in myself.
Work, work, work on my dreams.


  1. Great post

    Love Vikee

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your dental issues

  3. "Life is too short to look bad" – I like it. Quite true! Lovely post.

    xo beth.

  4. I love this, very inspiring! U teba klassnij blog :) mne ochen nravitsa. Ya za teba sleduyu v Bloglovin ;) xoxo

    1. Спасиибо)) Очень приятно!

  5. Great quote dear - I came across another one life is too short to wear boring clothes

    Thanks for your sweet review dear


    New post is up

  6. Good luck with your wishes and goals! =D

    NEW POST on


  7. wow I love your blog! Your layout looks great and I think this post is just so creative,
    I've already followed you :) Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!


  8. Great post - love the bit about not needing a new month or a Monday to start new things, so inspiring! x


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