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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

I'm aunt again!

Hey guys! I bring my laptop back. Actually the laptop was done in yesterday's morning, but I was super busy to write, so much things happen. The main one that I'm aunt again! Yay! The baby of my brother was born yesterday. It's so nice, but sadly I can't see the baby, as they all live in Italy. But I hope I'll see them via Skype and photos as soon, as it's possible. Yeah, it's so great new news! I've waiting for a few months!
Okay, I said what I wanted and today I have the plans to go the the shop and buy jeans for me, maybe something else. If  I'll can to stop watching the Kardashian's show now and I'll buy something, you will see this later! But it's good weather to go somewhere today! Yesterday's day was sooo cooold and frosty and today is so great for walks.
I'm trying to be active, as my laptop  works so good already and I have some ideas for future posts! I justed want to say that I can to write again. I thought that I can't to be on the blog a few days, but programmer did this so fast. Great job!

By the way, I did my hair pink again. Now it's light pink color and I love it!<3


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