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Friday, February 20, 2015

Hot or Not: Barbie's Bag, Eyelashes Made of Fly Legs...

Hey guys! I know that I wrote Hot or Not post only a few days ago, but I found so many interesting to share with you. Hope it will be interesting  for you too.
So it's my Hot list:
Colorful lipsticks. Why not? Why can we to wear colorful eyeshadows on our eyes, but can't to wear colorful lipstick? I think it's cool and something new. My favourite color from all those colorful lipstick is light violet one.
"Cloud" clutch. Ahhh it's so cute idea for a clutch. Love it. It's one of the cutest bag that I've ever seen. It will be look so good in summer.
Barbies bag. It's pink plastic bag, like Barbie has, only this bag is big for real human. I like this, as it makes to remind me about the childhood, when I played with my dolls. This is bag from Furla and their collection of Barbie's bags looks very pretty.
Okay, it's time to talk about Not list:
Fake eyelashes made of fly legs. One of the worst things that I've heard. I have good news - these eyelashes made of dead flies, nobody kills them for the eyelashes.
I think it looks awful, so what's point to do this? By the way, it new fashion trend, it was idea of one English artist. At least, one person like this?
Clutch Marc by Marc Jacobs. Probably everyone like this clutch from Marc Jacobs, but not me. 
Idea of the clutch is that clutch look lik a mp3 player. When I've seen first time the clutch, I thought that i looks like a camera. I just don't like how it looks. "Cloud" clutch id better.
Pink look for men. I've seen many clazy outfits from Fashion week, but for me this one is the craziest outfit ever. I think it's so stange haha, especially, the net under shirt. Also the huge toy looks very strange with the man. Hmmm. I understand that in out time we can whatever we want to wear and what we want, but man in pink with  big  strange toy it looks like a funhouse haha.
What do you like and don't like from these lists?


  1. Those fly lashes gives me the creep.............they are gross.

  2. Oh my the fly lashes are scary, but I love the colourful lip shades

  3. Those lashes are sooo creepy, but I like the colorful lipsticks :) Following you on bloglovin now, it would be great if you'd follow me back :D thanks for your visit on my blog!

  4. mmm lavender lipstick!!!
    I nominated you for the liebster award over on my blog because I think yours is so awesome!! xx

  5. lavender lipstick!!
    I nominated you for the liebster award over on my blog because I think yours is so awesome!

  6. that is one of the strangest looks for men's fashion ever.

  7. Those eyelashes are so cool and disgusting at the same time!

    \ Indigo Lights


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