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Saturday, February 28, 2015

FAVORITES | February

Wow! It's the last day of winter finally finally! Hope it's really mean that we will not have cold days again before next winter. By the way, this winter was perfect. Almost whole winter was without snow and pretty warm. 
Also the end of February means that it's time to show favorites of the months.
Purchase of the month:
I've tried to buy only thing that I need this month, so I hadn't many purchases in February.
My favorite one of this month is the faux leather sweatshirt with diamond print. This looks really good, photography can't to show it's beauty. I bought this from Oasap, but now there it's out of stock. 
Series of the month was:
''Young and Hungry''
Ahh... it's great comedy series. I've watched all episodes in 1 or 2 days, as there are only 10 episodes right now, but I'm exited to watch season 2. I'm really waiting for this so muuuch. 
I said here on the start of this month that the series about young girl that loves cooking and haven't money to pay for her flat, but she is lucky to get a great job. She is cooking for one of the most successful young man.
Everyone have to watch this!

The best beauty thing that I tried this month it's the gel for washing / scrub / mask ''Biokon''. You can to buy this in Ukraine, Russia or France. It's Ukranian brand, this product is making in the city where is a war now, so it's a little help to this city that really needs a help.
Aw, I forget to say that it really works so good. If I were not so lazy to use this everyday, I had a perfect skin, but I'm trying to use two times per a day now, so I hope soon I will have better skin.
I found a great vitamins. It's made of moringa and it is very good for our health. These tablets are 100% natural. It's from UK, and you can order this HERE.
I feel really better after them, also I noticed that my skin becoming better. This have so many vitamins, these tablets have vitamin A 10 times more than carrots have, this is very good for our skin, hair, teeth... There are much vitamins, all information you can find on their site. Check out for more information.


  1. You look so beautiful! I never saw these series, but I guess it's a very nice and funny one, as for the pictures and name :) Oh, vitamins... my doctors found out that I have lack of many, and I hate to take pills... but I'll have to! Hope you are fine and have a great weekend!

  2. Amazing post.
    Would look forward for March.

    Check my new post.


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