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Friday, January 30, 2015


Spring in my city already a few days, so happy because of this weather. Love weather in the winter this year. Really warm! But because of all snow melted, it's seems so dark outside. While it's good weather I have so much plans where I must to go. Today I'm going to buy so many things.
I thought that I'll give my laptop to a programmer for rehab, but I decided that it will be better if a programmer will go home. It's more quickly, so hope soon will be okay with this.
By the way, the last days something happen with my hamster - he doesn't want to open him one eyes and he sleeps all day and even all night.  I see that he alredy feels better, but I don't understand what could to happen with  him..
I noticed that I don't buy unhealthy food a few months, I even don't want to eat this, I want summer and eat my favourite fruits. It's really good. I think it's reason why I lost weight a little bit  the last time. Only a few days ago I just bought some cookies for coffee, not so bad, if I didn't buy this a long time. 

Also Eva visited, I haven't seen her a few days, so she said that she miss me and the hamster, so she went to me and especially to the hamster. She loves him so much haha.

I noticed that we have almost the same sweatshirts, we look like basketball team in red haha.
Eva took all these photos, she loves to do this.
And I forgot to say that if you see on me pink eyeshadows, it means that Eva did my make up, so she was my personal photographer and make-up artist, not bad.


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