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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Perfect bag

Hey guys! I wanted to write this yesterday, but I was busy... I watched all episodes "Sabrina, the teenage witch'' haha. Really love this series the last a few days. I hadn't idea how it's interesting, I've watching this much years ago (for me) and didn't like this, as I do now. Also today is first day when I feel good, I felt so bad the last 4 days. So I felt too bad yesterday for blog.
Maybe it's because I'm sick, but today is not good day to take photos. I took so many photos and all of them are bad, but I wanted new photos for blog, so I just found two photos that at least looks not so bad. And you have no idea how much photoshop on these photos. Usually I use photoshop only to make photos looks better, but everyone bad photo days.
By the way, I want to show my new bag. As I wanted this is black and white bag for everyday. I received this in a few days, about 5-6 days and I confused why, as I chose a free shipment (about 30 days). Hmm strange, but I like it!
This bag is really big and have so many pockets inside. I'm so happy, that now it will be not hard to find place for my camera in my bag. Also this bag costs 7.19 dollars now, so cheap. Usual price is 35 dollars,  You can find this bag HERE (link).


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