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Sunday, January 18, 2015

My little wishes for 2015

 Almost everything what I wanted to do today are done, so I can to write on the blog. Primarily I'm writing this post for me, as a reminder and maybe it will inspirate to add some plans to your to-do list 2015. I'm recommend your plans to write on the blog or your notebook, then you will know what you want or about what you forgot.
I don't want to say about my big wishes, as it's too important for me, so better it will be a secret and later everyone will see this. It's just list of my little wishes for this year.
1. To know English better. I have to learn about grammar. I know much words, but my grammar is bad and I always forget about tenses. It will be perfect if I will learn 3-4 times per a week.
2. I want to visit Lviv again. I'm sure that almost nobody know what is it, it's the most beautiful city in Ukraine. I visited it i autumn 2013 and want to do this again! There is fairy atmosphere.  Also I want to visit so another beautiful towns in Ukraine. I have to travel in Ukraine and to know my coutry better before I'll to travel to another countries. So many interesting things here that I've never seen.
3. To see Carpathians. It's really my dream to see this, I'm in love with mountains since I saw the mountains in Italy. It's one of most prettiest things in the world. I even want to live there, where are mountains.
4. To catch tan. The last two or even three years I'm white like Snow White, I want to stop it this year! I love how I look when I'm brown.
I've never used a solarium and don't want, as it's so dangerous. I want to sunbathing under the sun. I know it's not good for a health too, but if to do it a little bit, I think it's okay.
And I want to find good bronzer and I will be able to be brown even in winter.
5. To buy all stuffs for my room that I want. I want to change so many things.
6. To learn to cook. Better late than never haha. I want to make posts-recipes sometimes.
7. To read more interesting books and watch more interesting movies, but not so much!
8. To find more good cafes, shops, places in my town.
9. To make my body better. Eat more healthy, fitness everyday, more walks, to drink water more.
10. To make many good photos of nature, places, pretty things and myself. 


  1. Que fotos tan originales. Me encantan las nike. Un beso guapa

  2. being able to speak english will help you so much in the long run :) good luck!

    1. I know english enough to read, to listen etc in English, I just want to know English better.

  3. I will say your English is fairly good

  4. Lovely post! :)

    I would like to invite you to my blog! I would be so happy if we support each other on Bloglovin, GFC and Facebook!
    Do it and let me know! xx

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