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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Inspirational sunday

I wanted to write this post yesterday, as I thought that it was sunday, haha, so it's okay that I hadn't time for writing post. Only today I realized that it's only sunday, when mom said this after I started going to go to the post office (it doesn't works today).
I wanted to show you a great quote of Paulo Coelho, I've never seen this before. I absolutely agree with this. Time is really fast, we have to work more for our goals and be lazy less. If we really want something, we need to work for it everyday. If we work even slowly, but every day and one day will get that what we want.
I have a good habit from the last year - I always do something useful. Even, when I'm watching a movie, I have to do something that I need to do. 
Time is not eternal, internet and television make time to fly especially so fast. In our time people have to spend time on fresh air, to chat with interesting people, to do things that never did before. 
I always noticed that if I sit home all and watched some TV shows or I read some news on internet, I feel lke this day is empty and pointless. I feel like I did nothing and didn't remeber even what I watched or read, but if I do something new, interesting or just useful for me, it makes me feel good. Especially I feel good after meetings my friends.
Have a great start of the week tomorrow, guys!


  1. Wow...

    This is a great quote! Totally agree. And now I feel more motivated to get off my butt and get my day started...hahaha!

    xo Azu

  2. Very true quote.


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