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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

How to look brighter in winter

I noticed that when winter started,  mostly people wear only black ordinary clothes, even kids. It's so boring and I feel like I am an actress in b/w movie. Everyone wear only black, grey and brown, so everytime when I wear my winter cap with ears or boots with bears, people that I don't know make me compliments. I really can't wear boring clothes, even it's old outside. I feel so sad, when I wear nothing bright or cute. The colors on the clothing that we wear greatly influence our mood. So let's be bright in winter too!;)
Only in winter we can to wear our favourite warm sweaters, especially Christmas sweater, I love them so much!
For me sweaters are the best stuffs in clothes (after dresses, they are my favourites). They are one of the best things that make me feel better these grey days.
But I think the main things for winter closet is warm winter jacket. Mostly everyone wear black jackets in winter, but I love so much when I see someone in bright jacket. Also I like when girls wears pastel jackets, it looks so cute. I really need bright or pastel jacket for the next winter.

I noticed that it's very popular now to wear unusual interesting gloves and I love it, of course. Looks so funny ad bright!

If in your country really cold in winter, you know that to wear earrings or rings isn't the best idea. I don't like to wear braceletes in winter too, cause I'm wearing sweaters with long sleeves, but we can to wear necklaces always. 
It's not so cold today and you don't wear a scarf, then it's time for necklace!
Some my favourites:

And, of course, a funny or just bright hat is must-have for everyone!


  1. Amazing inspiration! I love wearing nice and fun clothers in winter too, it's already so depressing!
    Very nice selection.


  2. such a cool post ! mostly because we all usually choose darker colors for winter. Thank you for inspiring me !

  3. Loving the bright jumpers, I'm addicted to chunky knits at the moment! Loving the blog by the way, I have just come across it. Following you on Blog Lovin x
    Pearl & Peach

  4. Love the colbalt blue beanie!



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