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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Golden skeleton

I have no idea why I write on the blog not as often, as I want. Maybe it's lazy time after Christmas holidays. I wake up at noon and haven't wish to do something, even to walk. Especially, after that time, when my friend went to the university in another city, but I'll try to change this. Today I have many plans and places, where I have to be, so this day will be busy. It's great weather to walk today, all snow and ice melted a few days ago and it's so warm for winter, I like it, but I'm sure that It will be snowy again yet, as it's only the middle of winter. The last year snow fell in April 1th, it looked like an April Fool's joke, so the real winter is only beginning haha.

The toy rabbit of my niece and my hamster - the best friends forever lol.

I haven't watched Kardashian's show a few months, so I watched a few new episodes yesterday. Love them.

I got parcel with my new light knit sweater. Love this golden skeleton print on it, so shiny.  And I love these unusual sleeves. I feel like I'm Morticia Addams when wear sweater with sleeves like these. I ordered this here (LINK).


  1. That's a nice sweater! And your hamster is so tiny and cute :)

    Salha | Abuhayar

  2. love you jumper! you look pretty! x

  3. such a cool sweater ! I am totally obsessed with Kardashians too xD


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