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Monday, January 5, 2015

8 The Best Websites For Bloggers

Hello guys! It's time to share with you some useful links for bloggers that I know. Almost all of them I discovered this year. I think not everyone know about them, they are really great for you,if you are blogger. So let it started!
1. It's Russian photoeditor. Yes, here is one problem for who don't know Russian, but it's really not too hard use it, as everywhere are pics that shows what do all function.
There are really all you need. Many filters, bokes, effects, text, frames. You can to change your color of lips, eyes, clean your skin and other many functions. You even can to do neoplasty... on your photos, of course. It's free. And I use it for all my photo. It's the best online photoeditor that I ever used.
2. . If you can't use last site, when you can use Pixlr. Just chose one of three photoediors and enjoy. It's really good photoeditor.
I downloaded the version for computers. And it's looks almost like Photoshop. And yes, it's free.
3. Everyone know next one, it is . Last time it's very popular to chat with other bloggers in special chat. I never did this, but I want to try this. It's something new and interesting for me. Twitter chats calendar is here .
4. Instagram. Instagram is very popular app now, so I recommend to write your blog link in the bio. It's great way to find readers. It's really helps and gives views.
5. Here you can to find brand that wanted to work with you, to ger free samples and earn money. Very useful thing.
6. . It almost like last link, but as for me it's even better. Here you can also find brands that want to work with, bloggers that are interesting for you. Also I can to get interesting deals from differen brands weekly on your e-mail. Just write to some brands. Now I start to get more deals because of this site. I have to try it too!
7. Boostinsider.  Here you can to earn money easy. Just text links on your websites and earn money. It's really not hard. Only problem with this site that I don't understand how to find brands. I don't know how brands are finding me, but somtimes I get deals from this site.
8. . Aw it's great site where you can to find brands and works with them. Just add some banners that you like when the brands aproved you and get money everytime when somebody buying some from these shops (if a buyer clicked on banner).


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  2. thank you darling for this ! It's really helpful ! Love it :))

  3. Hey there!
    This is a really helpful listing of lovely websites. :) I followed you via bloglovin as you said, follow me back and leave a comment on my blog, k?

    Thanks, Seija!
    hey there, Daisy

  4. This is really great, thanks!

  5. I've used the second one before

  6. Sooooo helpful!! Thanks for sharing!

    XoXo Shea L. -------->

  7. That's such an informative post dear!! Great work!
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  8. Lovely post! :)

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  9. Great suggestions, it's not that easy though ;)
    Thanks for stopping by! xoxo

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