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Friday, December 26, 2014

Top 5 favourite purchases 2014 | CLOTHES

Hey! Yesterday I had with my family little Christmas dinner in my grandmother's house, so I hadn't time for nothing. It just was great day. And now I'm going to buy some present for New year. In my country we give more presents each other on New year, not on Christmas.
While it's not dark outside to go to shops I want to show some my favourite clothes, that I bought this year.

1. First thing is maybe that what I wear almost everyday in the spring, the autumn and in the evening or rainy days this summer.
It's faux leather jacket from Jacket Dresslilly. I love how it looks. It was really very chip. About 13 dollars.
Yes, jacket's quality is not good. Any way, next year I'll buy a new jacket. But this one is good jacket for one year.
2. Next is the jacket too. I wore it only one time, as it was already cold to wear this when I got it. This jacket from here (LINK)
I'm really in love how it's look. Can't wait for warm days, when I can to wear this.
3. Also I'm in love with my minions print shirt and everyone like it too. All people asks where I bought this shirt, even boys. It's from Choies.

4. I love so much my new winter boots from Oasap. They are so good for weather when ice everywhere, also they are so warm and cute. Really good boots. You can find them here (LINK).

5. I bought some bags, but only this bag I wear always, haha.  It's from here (LINK).


  1. Love your items!
    The boots are so lovely ( I already commented that on another post) and love your minions shirt!


  2. great post, lovely purchases!

  3. Love the green bag!♥


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