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Monday, December 8, 2014

Blogmas #6: Happy New Year Tag (ENG)

Heeey! I didn't post on the blog two days and didn't blogmases, it's a little bit because of I was busy and hadn't inspiration.
But today I want to write Happy New Year Tag. I've wrote this Tag in russian last year and I see that it is the most popular my blogpost for this time. Time to write in english.

I want to say, bloggers often do Christmas Tag, but in my country (Ukraine) New year is the most greatest holiday in the year. I think it's because New year start here earlier than Christmas.

1. When do you start getting excited about New year?
My autumns usually are not the best time in the year, so I start to wait for holidays in the end October. At least, I say about my last two years, what was earlier I don't remember.

2. Do you still have advent calendars?

I have first advent calendar this year, haha, as I didn't heard about this in my childhood.

3. What are your favourite Christmas / New year films?

Okay, of course, it is "Home Alone 1,2". Also I like many new russian New year movies. They are so good for New year.

4. Do you have any funny New year memories?

I remember some funny moments. First one happend last year. I was last New year with my family and my friend Evelina. 
When the New year started we went to walk and look at fireworks. But we have the tradition here that first human that do first step home must be man.
So we went to my sister's home and give with us her husband and he was the first person that did first step to home. My friend was really angry, as it's was cold outside and my mom didn't wanted to open the door.
Second history happend when I was little. 
My dad always going to sleep so early. I've stayed with him home for New year day, but my mom went to my grandmother. After New year started mom called to us and said that she wants my dad goes to her, as it was already late and she was scared to go back home, so I said to my mom that I can to go alone to her and after we can to go home together. I was about 5.

5. Talk us through your typical New year day?

Okay, I wake up when my mom already cooked million dishes and I hear great smells. So I'm going to the kitchen, as superman, as I want to try those delicious dishes, but my mom as always regret to eat them before the night. Later I'm cleaning home and a little bit cooking, my mom doesn't love how I cook, so she always says to me to clean home or go to shop to buy some foods haha. 
Usually amost all day to the night I with my friend Evelina going to the shops. But my the best part of this day is evening and night. I love to preper table for the dinner, watch New year shows, listen music and wait for guests.

6. What do you eat for dinner?

Here we have tradition to have Olivier salad, tangerines and champagne on the table. My love is different salads.

7. Do you have any New year traditions?

Wake up my dad before New year started is tradition? Haha.
We have tradition to go look at main Christmas tree in the city, also last two years I have tradition to make wishes, it always come true.

8. Which are your favourite songs for holidays?

Mistletoe by Justin Bieber, Shake it up by Train, Let it snow by F. Sinatra, Rockin around the Christmas tree by Brenda Lee.

9. What is the best New year present you ever received?
If to be honest I don't remembrer one present that was the best one. Presents isn't the main thing about New year.

10. Real or fake Christmas tree?

Only fake. I think it awful to use real Christmas tree that lives only for a few days. I hope one day everyone will use fake Christmas tree.


  1. Your version of Santa is a bit cooler than ours

  2. Hola!! Qué bonitas las fotos. Adoro la navidad, decorar el arbol, estar en familia, comer, tomar champan jajajaj. Elegir el vestido de noche vieja... Besitos desde España preciosa. Te sigo. Te espero por...

  3. Aww I loved your photo with ded moroz!! (:
    Great post, really enjoyed reading it
    I also like the Home Alone movies, but the best thing on TV has to be the countdown on the russian channel on New Year's eve! ^^

  4. Beautiful post
    Happy holidays

    Love Vikee

  5. Beautiful Girl and Blog :)
    I wish you happy holidays!

    Agi :) <3


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