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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone

It's about 20 days to Christmas, time to buy presents. I know that sometimes it's hard to choose presents for someone. The main thing is to know what human loves and want to get. It's not hard, if you know him/her a long time.
I want to share with you some my gift ideas , hope you like it.
Sweet suprise for girls:
Cute teddy toy (will be cool if it's Christmas toy) + many sweets, that she likes. It's perfect. I love to get sweets on Christmas. For me it's one of the best presents.
 For beauty lovers:
Set of eyeshadows, blush, lipstick is great idea. Also if you know her favoute perfume, you can to present it to her. (if she doesn't have this already).  Also  you can to present  big eyeshadows or lipstick pallete.
 For photo lovers:
I human like to take photos, you can to present new flesh, lens or something else that help to makes photos  better. 
I saw lens mug, looks so cute, photo lover will love this.
 For fans:
You can to buy new album of favourite artist/group, new book of favourite writer or just mug or t-shirt with the idol print.
 Warm present for everyone:
Scarf, hat and gloves set is always good winter present for everyone.
 For kids:
For kids you can choose books, toys or cute clothes. I think it's easy to choose present for kids.
 For men:
Headpones for music lovers, some favourite or just old good Christmas movies, watches, useful things, as keyfinder, good perfume or case for phone.
For women:
Cute slippers, Christmas beauty products, winter case, cute onepiece, nail polishes set or many cute winter socks.


  1. I got Daisy a teddy bear almost like that.

  2. Cute ideas.:)

  3. Nice ideas! I like that kit from Benefit!

  4. I love them all! The MAC palette would be perfect for me, but those scarfs and socks are too cute ;)
    Thank you for your visit and comment! Would you like to follow each other on GFC/instagram/ :) ? Just let me know on my blog and ill follow you back ;)


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