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Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas #8: Lights

Hey guys! It's blogmas #8! I'll try to write blogmases for a day, as I didn't write these last days. I had more photos from these days, but I had problem with sd card for camera and some photos deleted. I wanted  to make outfit post, as it's snowy and pretty outside and all those photos that I made before was deleted. I think it's for better and I'll ty to make better photos! I want to go to the village. I always love to take photos there. Now there are much snow and winter nature is beautiful too, especially out of city.
By the way, I started to prepare for New Year and Christmas a few days ago, when I got my Christmas lights, also I have Christmas stocking and Santa already in my room, but I can't find my little faux Christmas tree, maybe I will use the old one or will be without Christmas tree this year. My mom says that Christmas decoration only for little children, but I love how it's make really great atmosphere for winter holidays in the house.


  1. Lovely :)

  2. Very lovely.

  3. Awesome pics! Head to for more inspo!

  4. Beautiful pictures, very Christmasy! Your pet is super cute also x


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