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Friday, December 5, 2014

Blogmas #5: Photoshoot for my hamster

Hello. I'm here. Today I have real winter spirit, as we had again snow, but it melted to the evening, because it's warmer already. Now it's perfect for winter, a few days ago it was very cold. 
By the way, this December isn't as other months this year, December goes so long and I love it, as I have many plans for the last month of the year.
The main thing now is I have to buy many things for my room, it's really important, as I almost don't have light in my room, as my chandelier is broken and probably soon I will not have any light. So maybe I will buy new chandelier tomorrow.Also I'm going to order new sofa for my room next week. I'm waiting for this so much!
Today I took some photos of my hamster, as I'm learning how to use my new lens. He likes to be model.


  1. Милашка с глазками-пуговками))

  2. Your hamster is SSOOOO cute! It makes me miss mine! I had him for 7 years and he would break out of his cage and walk around the house for a while collecting things to make a nest, then once he had all the materials he needed he'd gladly go back to his cage haha!
    Jenny // Mish Mosh Makeup

  3. What an adorable hamster!

    Jade x ♡

  4. awww ! so cute :)) little cutie pie xD

  5. Your hamster is super cute! Thanks for the visit to my blog recently, and yes we can totally follow each other via G+ and Bloglovin. I follow you on both now, hope you follow back right away. :)) Have a great weekend.



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