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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Blogmas #17: BACK TO WORKOUT

You know how it's hard to come back to workout after illness, feel so lazy. Any case, I had to start one day. I feel bad a few day ago and I've becoming to feel better and better, but only now it's everything is okay.
I love fitness, if I don't do it I feel sad and... fat haha. At least, when I do it I know that calories burns. And I feel happy after that, it's the best thing about this. I don't know how it works.
So I'm glad that I started, so I'll to train everyday. Or every night I mean. I love it before I'm going to bad, it makes me to want sleeping.
I don't eat in the evening, as it's not good for health, beauty and I feel so bad if ate something in the evening or night. I remeber how I can't stop eating in the night and I said that it will be cool if I couldn't eat late, on the next night when I ate something I felt sooo bad and I still can't eat late. Strange. It happens a few years ago and I still think that it because I made a wish when.
So as someone said - be careful with your desires, they can come true.
But fruits are light, so it's okay. On my plate pomegranate, persimmon and tangerine.


  1. It can be super hard to going back to working out after taking a break! But it is always worth it :)

  2. a great post, I love your outfit, especially the shoes. merry christmas


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