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Friday, December 19, 2014

Blogmas #12: St. Nicholas Day

Holidays already started! Today is first one -  St. Nicholas Day. By the way only now when I'm 18 realised that St. Nicholas is Santa Claus. Who celebrate this day too?
I always loved this holiday, loved to watch what presents I got under my pillow and feel a fairytale. When I was younger every year on this holiday I've going on different Christmas party for children. Even one year ago I was at this party with my niece and sister. It's so kind holiday, when you want to do something good for someone. By the way, today is International Day to Assist the Poor too. I think it's because of St. Nicholas gaves presents to poor people.

Yesterday I felt not good, so I didn't write on the blog. Today I feel not good too, but better.  Hope tomorrow everything will be great.
Tomorrow I'm going to order a sofa for my room, as I want to do this before New year. And I want to buy some Christmas presents! I think it's time for this!


  1. Very lovely, :).

  2. Love the photos! & I hope you feel better soon :) x x

    Angela // The Sunday Chapter

  3. I had busy months, so I didn't visit blogs (even mine), but I am here again, back! I loved to read this post, because I didn't know about the day to assist the poor. I hope you feel better soon! Try not to worry about posting, cause you need to relax! I myself used to post a lot on my old blog, but the "new" one would have a post a week from next year on, if that many. As a blogger-friend told me "life is what happens when we are away of the web" and after that I felt better :) I loved your pictures and I hope you order your sofa soon! I wanted to order some shoes and I did today, and got happy :)

  4. lovely pictures!!

  5. nice christmas time pictures


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