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Thursday, November 20, 2014


As I said before  that we have snow a few days ago, but it was a little bit and it have melted to the evening, so yesterday we had autumn again. But I was shocked today in the morning, when I saw snow, because really so much  snow around and it snowing so fast. Also I've heard that weaher like this will be at least for a few days.
It looks really better than grey everything, I even didn't want to walk, but now I want it so much!
I just have to do my all work and go to walk, before it will be dark. And I really hate that fact, that it become dark outside so fast. It reason why summer is better, but now I have winter mood and wait for first month of the winter.
Also I want to show you how looks my hair without flesh. I said yesterday that I made my hair lighter and light bottom I did more the week ago.
Really lighter than was before.


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