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Thursday, November 6, 2014

What I Have To Do This Month

Me yesterday
It's already first week of the month lasted, anyway only now I'm to write plans on this month. In any case, it's my plans:
To pass all subjects of this autumn session. It's very important to do this before the winter session started. 
To go to dentist a few weeks, while good weathere outside. I just need to treat my gums, Also I have to continue to treat them home, They are better already.
To buy warm clothes for this winter. I need a new beanie, warm coat, scarf, boots... I need everything for snowy cold winter.
Work out at least three times for a week. But better everyday.
Maybe this month I can to buy a new sofa and other stuffs for my room.
To read at least two books and this book that I read now ("Dandelion wine" R. Bradbury)
To work on what I need. Finally I accomplished the first goals for what I work more than half of the year.
To make some very important documents.
To try to write  at least one blogpost for a day.
The end! Everything isn't hard, so I can do it! Do you have any plans for November?


  1. I need to get some new winter stuff too, all I have gotten are two sweaters.

  2. I also have to pass all subjects of autumn session;
    do excercise more and continue eat healthy;
    decorate my room before the New Year's Eve
    learn French and Spanish better;
    make my blog better :)


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