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Sunday, November 30, 2014

My personal makeup artist

Hello everyone! It's already the last day of this autumn. Tommorow will be winter and it makes me happy. I wanted it so much! Today from the morning snows, snow almost melted here, but maybe tomorrow we will have much snow. But if to be honest I love weather without snow better. I know that it imposible to have really good Christmas or New year without snow, but I had a beautiful New year with my friend and family this/last year. Weather isn't the main thing.
Yesterday I've been with my niece Eva, as she visited me for the two days. We have so much fun and she loves to draw very much, so she paints on me too, haha. She made great make up I think, okay, I had much eyeshadows on cheeks, but it's fine for three years old girl, haha.
Also I'm hurry to say about the sales on . It's only for five days.
I really love this shop, so I want to buy some gifts for holidays.It's last chance to do this. Usually I get parcel from Oasap in three weeks or even a little bit earlier.


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