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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Inspirational Sunday

I don't understand, why almost all people go the way, that don't want to go, just because of ''everyone'' go this way. We are people and we live only once, we can do everything that we want. We're just afraid of what people thinks about us, afraid to risk, afraid to make our dreams come true, cause it to hard and nothing to do  and be like ''the rest of them'' is more easier. 
But If you really want something, you have to work for it and never give up, not only wait. Nobody make your dreams come true, only you know what you really want.
In my life were the moments when it seems like I'm so far from my goals, but I don't gave up a few months without good results and did what I wanted and now I have motivation to keep doing it.
I've even heard that a father to saved him daughter from death, even all doctors arounds said that she is already died. He did piece-breathings, cardiac massages and strongly shook her and after 20 minutes of that he saved her. 
If to be honest it's really looks like the story of my childhood, when doctors said to my parents that I'll die.
So, all  I wanted to say is do what you want, not what people says to do.


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  2. great post. life is so much better when you dont care what other people will think :)

  3. Quite inspirational indeed.

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