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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Things that I like:
1. I love so much when on hands many rings and bracelets, if it looks good together. But I don't know why, but I don't wear this, I just have to buy rings and bracelets, because I think it looks great. But it's better for summer, when we don't wear jacket.
2.  I'm in love with the second thing. It's fluffy jacket. I want this one so much! White and grey fluffy jackets are the best, Can't wait to order this!
3. Recently I see many hats with ears in shops. And I like it! I already ordered two hats with ears for winter and I like this hat on the pic, three hat with ears it is too much?
Things that I don't like:
1. The worst sweatshirt I ever seen. Someone really like this?
2. I love fluffy jackets, but fluffy shoes isn't for me. I know that many people love to wear these shoes, but for me they look so funny.
3. Before I liked only real Christmas tree, but now I like only fake Christmas trees. It's better for our planet and even looks better than real, so I don't see the reasons why better to buy real one.


  1. i agree about the sweatshirt, it's really not pretty :))
    interesting post...

  2. The fluffy jacket is the best! I love it!´

    \ Indigo Lights

  3. I loved the Fluffy Jacket...the best one....those ear hats are too kool.


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