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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween party with my niece

My niece Eva visited me for two days. So it wasn't boring, yesterday we watched some good cartoons, I'll write about some cartoons later, that I liked, cause they're really interesting.
Also we watched "The nightmare before Christmas", nice cartoon for Halloween. My niece said that it's not scary, it's funny and interesting. After that we made the ghosts. By the way, Eva said me the first that she wants to make the ghosts. And she is not even knew about Halloween, I think she was bust inspired by "The nightmare before Christmas". In the evening was the problems with the light, so we used candle, when we've making them.


  1. Yeah I remember when they movie came out when I was about five or six. Never found it scary either.

  2. Your niece looks adorable
    Fabulous post

    Love Vikee


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