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Thursday, November 27, 2014


Heeeellooo! I forgot to write on the blog before. I just was sad all day, because of some my plans destroyed.But I think that I know what to do with that now, so I hope that everything will be okay.
By the way, I think it's time to create a wish list for Christmas. Some of these items that I wanted to see under the Christmas tree on winter holidays ( OMG I'm waiting for this so much! ). 
1. First thing is a sofa, I said about that before. Just my old bed (I got it only one year ago) is already bad, so I need this very much! Now is good weather (I mean no ice, but really very cold, about -5 everyday), so I need to go to the shop.
2. I  want to find Christmas lights, I forgot to do this the last year. By the way, I saw that many "Tumblr" rooms use these lights always, even in the summer, I want to use this always too, it's so pretty.
3. Also my old headphones are broken already, I used them only about two weeks and I want new ones so much. I've ordered big pink headphones for myself, really useful present from me to me, lol.
4. I never was a fan of home flowers, but now I think that it's pretty to have some flowers on the window, I want a few pretty flowers. It's strange for me.
5. Lense. I just need for my camera, because old one almost doesn't work.
6. I want fake Christmas  tree, I always loved natural Christmas tree, but I've changed  my opinion, now I undrstand that it's not good and fake looks better, I want white Christmas tree.
7. Many sweets, espessially chocolate. No comments.
8. I want that on Christmas holiday be snowy.
What do you want for this Christmas???;)


  1. Hope you're feeling fabulous today! Loved reading this post..

  2. Really nice post dear! Great pictures!

  3. I loved this post...the photos you chose are so beautiful! I also have been wanting some plants for my home, but I never buy them for some reason :-) Hope you have a Merry Christmas and get everything on your list and more.

  4. I always like the blinking colorful christmas lights


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