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Friday, November 7, 2014

Bye, Golden Autumn!

Hey! How you are? I'm fine. I've receive many good new in the morning that made me happy. I already getting all I wanted whole this year. It's like new stage in the life. Now I have new goals.
In any case, right now I'm going to the shop to look at soffas. I need to choose one for my room. This bed that I have in my room right now I got only year ago, but it's already look bad, so I'm going to buy new one maybe this month.
Also I want to found Cristmas lights, I want them for my room too. They look so pretty, some of them look good even in the summer. I just inspired by rooms from Tumblr. I noticed that almost in the each room have these lights.
Also It's so sad that the most beautiful part of the fall finished. Now everything is so grey and boring, It's time then I even don't want to walk. But I love these days about week ago, then was snowy, it's was so funny.


  1. Great post!

  2. Lovely post!!


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