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Thursday, November 20, 2014


 Hey!!! I want to show you some my random favourites that I use everyday or will use everyday, some of them I  bought only today and I want to show this to you.
First thing is my mascara that I start to use only this month and it's one of my favourite mascaras, so good!!! It's from Classics.
Also I love my studded brecelet so much. I used it very often in the start  of the autumn, but now it's cold outside and I wear coat and it's not comfortable to wear. You can find something like this one everywhere!:D
Next thing is the cutest parcel, it is ginger cat. It's very realistic. I wan to use this parcel, as space, where I can to put some money and cards that I bring to buy something. It's really useful thing for me. I needed it so much. It's from Oasap (link).
 I'm in with this Christmas socks with deers. I have to wear this on Christmas holidays. I take me Christmas spirit even on November. These pair of socks I got also from Oasap (link).
 Trinket is really useful thing and I love this trinket-macaron from Kawaii Box (link) . Looks lovely. I used it for my bag and going to use for my key. As I lost my last trinket for key.
If to be honest I don't remember where I bought this rinf, but I'm sure that you can find ring like this one in every shop.
I wear it so often. Looks so vintage and old, but I like it!
I've never used liquid eye line bedore this month and finally tried it and it makes my eyes looks really better amd brighter. Really cool thing! It's JL from France,


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