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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WishList: Books

Lately, I've found a lot of books that would love to read, but now I haven't time for this. Now I must to do important things and and to finish reading the books I'm reading. I want to share with you some of the books that I got interested. Maybe someone of you looking for something to read. 

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" J. Rowling 

You might be surprised, but I never read the "Harry Potter", but I love movies, so I have to read the books, I'll start with the first book. 
Telling the story of the book to those people who do not know it. 
Harry's parents died when the boy was barely a year old. His aunt and uncle become him parents, but they hate him. In the 11th birthday everything changes, he finds out that he is a wizard and accepted into a school of magic - Hogwarts. Harry is now waiting for a new life, friends and adventure, and most importantly, the secret of the death of their parents. 

"Dandelion Wine" Ray Bradbury 

With this book you can get into the summer of  little boy. This summer is recalled as joyful and sad events. Boy every day making new discoveries. The book shows how many interesting things in ordinary things. 

"I'm half-sick of Ghosts" by Alan Bradley 

In the old English manor Bookshow Colonel de Luce lives with her three daughters. Colonel decides to give Bookshow for the rent for the film, where play not just a star, a legend Phyllis Uivern. Two days later, the younger daughter Flavia finds a dead celebrity and decides to find out who the killer is. 

"Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" J. S. Foer 

The book tells the story of a boy whose father died in one of the Twin Towers September 11, 2011. 11-year-old Oscar Schill travels to New York to find the lock, the key of which his father gave him. He met different people, that have one big disaster. 

"Five quarters of the orange" J. Harris 

From mothe, that died Framboise gets album of recipes, although his brother got the farm, and sister got the wine cellar with its contents. But the point is that in the album not only recipes, mother also written thoughts, so it's mom's diary, by which it tries to find a response to the dark mysteries. 

"Chocolate" J. Harris 

Vian opened her chocolate shop in the small French town, she knows about the inhabitants of the town people and the desire offers chocolate delicacy that again makes them to feel a taste of life.


  1. Я "Пять четвертинок апельсина" и "О, я от призраков больна" не читала. Надо будет наверстать упущенное))

  2. all the books are better than the movies, especially order of the phoenix

  3. I think you are adding to my book buying addiction! Great blog xoxo

  4. О, спасибо за пост! В нем ты упоминула книгу Фоера, его книга мясо остпвила меня под впечатлением собирусь прочесть и эту_

    1. О, я же читала эту книгу тоже, но не помнила кто её написала, так что нужно обязательно прочитать её.


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