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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

My fastest summer

Here come the second day of autumn. The weather is becoming cold and it's really autumn weather, although the sun shine often, but it is not hot, like in the summer.
This summer is fastest of all the years that I remember. I did not had enough the heat of summer, the sun and the green nature, but nevertheless, I have really autumn mood already. I thought that this summer will be a little different, but it turned out to be quite small, and summer passed quickly.  In the childhood summer seemed like it's an eternity. I can say that it was good summer for me due to its speed, I hadn't time to implement my plans.
I will hope that the autumn will be very long and I will try to make it good sooo... autumn, slow down, I'm not ready for the New Year and the snow!


  1. Lovely photos :)

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  2. Summer is so great! Amazing photos :)

  3. Here in Portugal is till pretty warm outside! Love the pictures :)

    \ Indigo Lights

  4. У меня это лето тоже как-то быстро пролетело. Осталось еще столько всего запланированного, но не сделанного. Тоже надеюсь на осень))


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