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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I take a pause for a WEEK

Today I spent the whole day to deal with the university studies. I'm extremely tired of it. All this should be continued to the next week. I'll be free only on Thursday. It makes me damn upset, because I hate to do this, but I will need to do this for a long time. Today was only the first day. Today was just like an eternity, the days become longer in September. 
I just wanted to say that I take a break for the blog for a week or a little more. I just don't have time to write on the blog. A week is quite small, but for me this week will be long, though I hope not, I'm already tired. Maybe everything will be done earlier, but now the only thing I can say is I'll see you next week!


  1. Hi there!
    I understand the stress regarding lots of university studying... I am only free today! It's exhausting.
    I'm following you on Bloglovin', please follow me back!

  2. Amazing pictures

    Love Vikee

  3. Nice post! :)

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog!! Sure I would love to follow each other! I'm following you now on bloglovin and google+! Hope you will follow me back on both!!

    Keep in touch

  4. Good luck with your studies! I hope you'll be back soon :)

    \ Indigo Lights

  5. Good luck with your studies.

    Thanks for checking out my blog.. i'm following you on Blog Lovin, follow me back :)

    Fleur x

  6. Good luck! University studies could be very stressful. Even though I graduated loooooooong time ago, I still recall how much pressure I was under.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, following you :)

  7. Thanks for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it :) followed you on bloglovin' hope you could follow me back. I hope everything goes well with your university studies, everybody should have a week off in stressful times :) x

  8. I loved the post!! Follow me and I'll follow back? xx

  9. Good luck. I follow on Instagram, Google+, Bloglovin.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment. Yes, I would love to follow each other. I'm now following you - please stop back and do the same :)

  11. Hey lovely, what do you think about following each other on bloglovin? Just follow me and I will follow back!

    Benita from

  12. OMG, those pastries look amazing! Good luck. :o)
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! Per your suggestion, I've followed you on Google+, Twitter, and Bloglovin. I'd appreciate it if you do the same. Thanks!

  13. Lovely post.
    Would you like to follow each other? GFC/Blogglovin/G+

  14. What a cute little critter! <3 Nice pictures.
    ~ Mikéla davelyn

  15. Какой мимшный хомячок. Я смотрю у тебя много фото с разным зверьем ;)

  16. Шапки все круче и круче!!!*-*

  17. Hey you´ve a great blog!
    Please check out mine and if you want we can follow each other
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    Let me know, now it´s your turn.


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