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Monday, September 29, 2014

A mini make-over and haul

Hi guuuys!!! Today is a very, very good day. Especially the beginning. I'm used to that lately we have really very cold weather, but today was finally warm weather, It's was even hot. I really hope that tomorrow will be the same weather, I missed the sun. 
  By the way, today, a day that I'm doing something that previously did not have enough time for this and I finally changed some things in the room. I have a new tulle curtains with pink flowers, which is perfectly suited for a small rug near the window, before it was excess. I also have a new bedspread with poppies. I love it. ♥ 
And I have got rid of some old stuff. That's not all, soon going to change even more in the room.

  New pants!!! Burgundy jeans from next and black from hugo boss . Black is goodespecially  , excellent quality and a lot of interesting details. When I bought them I thought it was a simple black pants, but when I came home, then realized how great they are.


  1. Some great purchases :)

  2. Wow..nice picks :)

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  3. Пичалька, что то у меня не грузятся изображения((( У нас тоже холодно, но солнце светит ярко, слепит глаза прямо>_<

    1. это странно, вроде у остальных всё загружается.

  4. Cool pants! And your pet is so cute!

    \ Indigo Lights

  5. Nice photos.

  6. Nice pictures.:)

  7. У нас сегодня был странный день - дождик, потом солнце, потом настоящий ливень, град! Красивые вещи )))


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