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Friday, August 15, 2014

While I'm home

I don't sure, but most likely I'm with my parents and my niece go to the village tomorrow. Maybe you'll be back in the evening or we'll stay there for the whole weekend. In any case, it would be great to spend time with nature, with my niece and take photos for the blog. I like the pictures, that I take there. 
About other things, lately I'm very busy. After I turned 18 I need to do some paperwork and now every day I spend in queues clinics and hospitals. It's so boring and generally it is hell, I don't like such places. I was tired of it all already before it's started. This is only the beginning, unfortunately. Probably I'll have to do this the whole of August. And maybe I must to lie in the hospital for two weeks, although this is not necessary. 

By the way, I have transformed the back cover of my phone, cause I did not see the covers for my phone, so I have to do everything myself. But I love doing it.
Drink "Nesquik" and delicious cookies that I found today at the supermarket. Now it's my favorite cookies!
Ice cream and a little bit of chocolate. 


  1. Great photos!! I love your phone case! :)

    -Lauren :) x

  2. I've never seen those cookies before

  3. Ну ничего ж се, ты оказывается тот еще хендмейдер! Примного плюсую. Красота! Чтож приятно тебе провести время на природе и терпения в очередях;)

  4. Вкусные фото!) Чехол получился крутой! Что читаешь сейчас?

    1. Сейчас - Ричард Брэнсон
      К черту всё! Берись и делай!
      А на фото книга которую я дочитала уже, она на английском - "Monday to Friday Man".

  5. nice photos..your phone case is very cute!


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